"Vishnu offered our students an opportunity to expand their knowledge of Chess and think strategically every step of the way. He made sure to assess student knowledge at the beginning of the workshops, and took the time to address all their questions." 

"The Fighting Knights Chess Academy Summer Camp gave deep… [analyses] of different positions from the middle and endgame while also implementing and showing different tactical ideas and plans. The camp kept everyone actively involved and engaged in the lesson. At the end of each of the lessons, Coach Vanapalli supervised a quick tournament between all the players, giving each of them a chance to show what they learned. The camp helped improve my ability to create a structured plan."

"…[T]he chess camp was extremely insightful and one thing I took away is that at the highest level chess is all about strategy, logic, and controlling the 64 squares in the most efficient way possible! Thanks for doing this camp for us."

"Thank you so much for the lesson! I really appreciate… you taking your time to do this."

"The camp was very fun. It was also very interactive and engaging unlike other chess classes I've joined.

"The sessions were very engaging especially during the positional analysis. Vishnu was very patient with each and every student and made sure they had [a] thorough understanding of the material he was going through. He never rushed through the puzzles. Vishnu is a great coach, looking forward… [to] many more! Thank you!"

"It’s an excellent teaching and my daughter learned a lot from… [the] lessons."

"My daughter enjoyed it thoroughly."

"Really nice of Vishnu… to arrange this camp for free."

"Every chess master was once a beginner."

Irving Chernev, Chess Author, World Chess Hall of Fame Inductee